Wittmann Battenfeld completes Airmould plant

The new building, for the sales and service subsidiary, will include 2,600m2 for spare parts inventory, assembly and production of Airmould, in addition to a 1,000m2 technical centre and approximately 1,000m2 of office space.

Huhtamaki sells South American plastics plants

Moisio said this week that Huhtamaki will continue to review its remaining plastic consumer goods operations in Europe and Australia, and will concentrate its South America business on flexibles and rough moulded fibre packaging units.

IKV and Nestlé work on better bottle simulations

IKV and Nestlé aim to develop a structural simulation that will enable mechanical behaviour of stretch blow moulded bottles to be predicted on the basis of stretch blowing process conditions as well as wall thickness distribution and the degree of stretch.

Borealis targets appliances with high gloss PP

"There is a difference in shrinkage but the cost advantages are enormous when compared with ABS," said Gianni Avalle, Borealis appliance market development engineer. "You could replace the existing mould and get pay back in one year."

Indorama acquires majority share in Egyptian packaging firm

“The successful sale... highlights the appeal of the large Egyptian consumer market, the increasing confidence in the broader Egyptian economy and the resurgence of foreign direct investments into the country," said Karim El Solh, chief executive officer of Gulf Capital which owns MEG.

Vintech opening auto extrusion plants in Georgia, Portugal

"I've always said we're a blue-collar company. We're very technical. Our whole team is really focused on reinventing everything. We're always looking at how we can improve," Schoonover said. "About 80% of the parts that we make, we improve on. We make them lighter or more cost effective." Schoonover credited the company's technical development centre in Almont, which has six extrusion lines and makes all of the company's extrusion tooling.

Engel to add local moulding expertise in regions

“Injection mould technology calls for a great deal of coordination and close cooperation between ourselves, as the system solutions provider, and the plastics processors. That’s why it is so important to establish mould technology expertise close to our clients and have contact persons who speak their language,” explained Christoph Steger, CSO of the Engel Group.

Sepro launching robot production in US

Back at the Sepro booth, the company also will share its vision for factories of the future, which it calls its Open 4.0 philosophy. Sepro officials contend Industry 4.0 can be more than a technological evolution that lets machines communicate with each other and humans.

ENGEL celebrates 1000th user of its new customer portal e-connect

ENGEL had revised its customer portal from the ground up in order to optimally meet future digitalisation requirements. Numerous service products from ENGEL's inject 4.0 program are now integrated into e-connect. New additional requirements are implemented on an ongoing basis.

EREMA and partners receives World Star Packaging Award for recycling innovation

The world's first XTREME Renew Flakes to Preform System, which directly produces new, food-grade 100% rPET preforms from recycled PET flakes in a single process step, was recently presented with a World Star Packaging Award in Prague. EREMA, SIPA, Kyoei Industry and Suntory, four companies involved in developing the system, are delighted to receive the award for this unique example of a closed plastic loop. The World Star Packaging Award recognizes outstanding packaging solutions from around the world. And that is exactly what the recycling machine manufacturer EREMA achieved in cooperation with SIPA, the Italian manufacturer of PET packaging solutions, as well as the plastics recycling company Kyoei and the beverage company Suntory, both based in Japan. Four pioneers successfully bundle their know-how The joint development of the process was initiated in 2014 by Kyoei Industry and Suntory. The award winning process is based on the combination of EREMA's proven VACUREMA bottle to bottle technology which has been enhanced for this application with SIPA's XTREME Renew Preform Production System. This plant network produces new, food-grade PET preforms directly from PET flakes. Having now been in operation at Kyoei Industry in Kasama (Japan) for almost a year, the Flakes to Preform System not only outputs preforms with impressive quality values, but also delivers unique ecological and economical performance. The annual production capacity of this plant is 300 million containers. The customer for this output is the internationally active Japanese drinks manufacturer Suntory. The VACUREMA part of the plant decontaminates the flakes and increases the viscosity of the input material, which is then melted and filtered. The food-grade melt is then fed directly into the XTREME injection moulding machine supplied by SIPA. With this system, a further melting process (i.e. the melting of the rPET pellets, which is necessary in conventional processes) is no longer required. This in turn eliminates the risk of yellowing and the formation of volatile organic compounds. Bottles made from these preforms therefore differ significantly in their appearance to other 100% rPET products. "If the quality of the washed flakes is right, the inline preforms don't need to shy away from being compared to injection-moulded virgin products," says Christoph Woess, Business Development Manager for the bottle applications at EREMA. Beneficial in both ecological and economic terms The combination of four process steps - decontamination, IV stabilization, melt filtration and injection stamping - in one system reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to conventional systems. CO2 emissions are also reduced by 25% and are therefore significantly lower than with conventional PET bottle production from rPET raw material. Since no rPET-Pellets are produced, additional dryers and storage areas are no longer necessary, resulting in lower costs. "Our cooperation shows that combining the expertise of plastics recycling companies, machine manufacturers and brands makes a functioning circular economy possible", say the people representing the four participating companies, pleased about the successful implementation of this award-winning project.

Intelligent Fingerprinting, Europlaz partner on tamper-proof sample collection cartridges

Following the full validation and commercial introduction of the system, the next step for the two companies is to scale up cartridge production. Scale up will be a collective effort, as Europlaz CEO Eddie O’ Keefe said, “to ensure we meet the price points needed for what will quickly become a globalised product.”

German moulder Auer pushes further growth

At Fakuma, the company will display a 120x100x100 millimeter single-piece high density polyethylene container, which could only have been produced on an extremely large moulding machine and a smooth-surface HDPE clean room pallet supporting a large weight, labeled "1,500 kilograms."

Lego to cut jobs, add lines in Hungary

In 2016, its Hungarian business put in a strong performance with annual revenue up 11% from the previous year at a record €105m and an increased net profit, up 13%, to €2.5m, Hungarian news agency MTI has reported.

Poppe-Veritas shifts into a new mode

Following the years of restructuring, Group sales stood at EUR 654 million for 2016, slightly below last year's figure of EUR 684 million. However, incoming orders show that the new strategy has laid the foundation for future revenue growth: 2016, order intake rose by 9.6% to EUR 562 million, versus EUR 513 million in 2015. Especially heartening: at the end of the first six months of this year, the order intake has already risen to slightly above the total value for 2016. The Poppe-Veritas Group expects sales this year to match the level of the previous year.

New investor constructs €17m auto parts plant near Nitra, Slovakia

The JLR project is facing a threat in the face of a European Union Commission investigation into the €125m it is receiving in state aid from the Slovak government. The Commission wants to confirm that this finance, the maximum sum allowed for such a project, follows the EU regulations on regional aid.

Sepro to expand US robot facility

Sepro offers a proprietary Visual control platform that a user can customize to control the simplest sprue picker or the most advanced robots. The platform can control one robot or an entire automation cell incorporating several levels of integration with one or more moulding machines.

Brüggemann Chemical showcased its additives at K 2016

“We see ourselves as problem solvers for the polyamide industry. We try to understand the new challenges and problems our customers face and we try to find the right solutions for them with the help of our chemisty tools,” Klaus Bergmann, business unit manager, Polymer Additives, for Brüggemann Chemical told Plastics News Europe. “Typically our packages are a mixture of additives that depend on what properties are required in order to get the right solution for the customer”.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag targets key markets in Iran

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag said: “Customers from Iran are particularly interested in automated high-performance injection moulding machines with medium to high clamping forces. Focusing on this segment, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag identified two target customers: manufacturers of high-quality plastic packaging with a demand for productive high-speed machines such as the El-Exis SP, and suppliers to the automotive industry who are working with large machines such as the Systec SP and require special processing methods, integrated automated handling equipment or downstream joining and assembly processes. Suppliers to the construction industry as well as manufacturers of industrial parts, medical disposables and all others will be interested in electrical and hydraulic machines made by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag.”

Stabiliser for glass fibre reinforced PP

“Providing a cost-efficient alternative to the existing solutions available, Songxtend 2124 has already enabled one of Songwon’s global customers to reduce costs in its glass fibre reinforced PP application while exceeding 1,000 hours at 150°C, long-term thermal stability.”

SACMI to showcase high performance compression technology at Indiaplast 2019

In addition to solutions upstream from the line, SACMI offers complete bottling plants that cover everything from stretch-blow moulding to filling, labelling and end-of-line operations. Logistical integration of all solutions and advanced engineering of plant flows maximize efficiency for customers.
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