Blanketing bin protects against moisture

Motan's transparent BO 1500 blanket fits on all standard octabins

Germany-based materials handling company Motan has introduced a new mobile blanketing bin. The company claims its BB 60, which is suitable for 25 kg sacks, requires only minimal amounts of oil and water-free air (adjustable according to the material between 0.06 and 0.6 m3h) from the compressed air system to keep the granulate in its delivered condition for long periods of time.

A suction box allows for a dust-free connection to the material transport of the machine. An optional fill level monitor triggers an optical alarm when the minimal fill level has been reached. The BB 60 is particularly suitable for small part and micro injection moulding, because of the requirement for very narrowly tolerated material properties. The company claims stable processing parameters can be guaranteed with minimal energy input.

When larger material quantities are drawn from octabins of various sizes – when a central material supply is not available – moisture absorption can be a problem after opening the inner foil. Motan claims that its blanketing cover, BO 1500, made from polycarbonate, can prevent this problem. It has two self-sealing openings for suction pipes with 45- and 60mm diameters and handles. The transparent material allows operators to monitor the interior of the octabin.

An alternative cover, without the blanketing device, for use with materials that are not sensitive to moisture is also available. Both covers can be used with all standard European octabins.

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