PP grades for healthcare applications

Cast film made from Lyondell Bassell's Purell RP315M PP

Polyolefins producer Lyondell Basell has introduced two PP grades for medical use. Purell HP548N is a PP resin which the company claims offers improved rigidity and Purell RP315M is a PP resin which it says gives an exceptional balance between mechanical and optical properties.

According to Lyondell Basell, its customers report that, in application, Purell HP548N offers the potential for faster cycle time, while Purell RP315M excels in the production of cast film.

Purell HP548N is a homopolymer PP grade intended for injection moulding. The company claims it offers a balance between fluidity, stiffness and crystallisation behaviour. Potential uses for the polymer include vials, pill strips, medical devices, syringe plungers and rigid containers.

Purell RP315M is a random copolymer which, the company claims, offers a balance of physical, mechanical and optical properties for cast film applications.

Potential applications for the polymer include packaging of medical devices, cosmetics, flexible packaging, labware and caps and closures for the pharmaceutical industry.

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